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Happiness In 21 Perspectives: Every Woman's Guide To Turn Life's Troubles Into Treasures And Gain Control Of Own Emotions

Are you constantly worried or anxious about the little things in life that you do not have control of? Do you sometimes feel impatient of your desires coming true and do not know how to deal with it? Are you sometimes having the tendency to compare yourself with others and find it hard to be happy wherever you are now? Or do you have the habit of reacting to so many things around you that you just feel drained and powerless most of the time? Yes, these happenings outside of us can take hold of our emotions if we do not exercise our own power to control our balance within. A deliberate control in the way we think and how we respond is the key to the lasting joy and happiness that we all want, regardless of the conditions.

This Book is meant to assist you in Awakening Your Power To Transform Every Trouble In Your Life Into Treasure By Mastering Your Perspective And Gaining Control Of Your Emotions. If you are looking for a way out of these constant dilemma and negativity, this book will help you cultivate your control from within -- by Shifting Your Perspectives and thereby improving the way you interpret and feel about your life, and achieving significant changes in how you respond and live.

Find the lasting joy that you've been seeking, in spite of uncertainties. You can't control everything that's going on outside of you, but you can always control how you define and respond to it. Your definition and response to life will either make you happy or unhappy. When your perspective is in the right direction, your life experiences will go the same.

In this book you will discover how to harness your own power and control, deliberately. To make the positive shift, live your best life, and achieve the lasting happiness that you deserve.

You will learn the 21 Perspective Shifts that you can apply in your life today and begin practicing:

  • How to exercise control of your own emotions and responses to life
  • How to look at the problems and difficulties you encounter
  • How to think constructively and view everything in your life to your advantage
  • How to break free from worry, fear and doubt, and replace them with trust, optimism and satisfaction
  • How to soothe negative patterns of thinking
  • How to change old, bad habits and replace with good habits for happiness
  • How to find lasting happiness wherever you are and transform your life forever
  • And much, much more!
Plus a suggested affirmation or mantra for every chapter that you can use whenever you need.

Start reading now and begin applying these perspectives today!

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