Stop Searching for Your "Life Purpose" -- Mary Schiller

by The Magic Space

It's often drummed into our heads that we need to find our "life purpose": our reason for being, the thing we're supposed to do while we're here on this earth. And if we don't find it, then what? Are we doomed to live a life that's "less than" it could have been?

In this audio, Mary explores an entirely new way of seeing "life purpose": one that has the power to change the way you experience life every single day.

This audio is for you if:

  • You have felt some degree of shame that you haven't found something that seems like it's your purpose in life
  • You have read book after book about finding your life purpose, only to be discouraged that it hasn't happened for you
  • You thought you found your purpose, but then it fizzled out -- so now what?

Length: 26 minutes

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