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How to graph y=mx + b

These are guides to be used for introduction on graphing slope intercept form. Perfect for the students to keep as notes in their binders or their journals. Student will read and follow step by step directions on how to read y=mx + b.

To graph students will learn:
rise over run
that slope is "m"
"b" is our y-intercept
how to solve for "y" when only give y=mx
learn to solve for "x" when only given y=any number
when "y" equals any number line will be horizontal
always start graphing with y-intercept

There are four step-by-step guides for four different types of problems in which students will get to try out what they just learned. Pair this with any slope intercept form worksheets and the students will be able to reference and work out each problems.

Practice makes perfect. :)

Total 12 pages.

You will get a PDF (640KB) file

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