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Two Men and a Tryst - Hardcopy and Lingerie Reading

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Annie was just minding her business in a coffee shop one day, when a hot guy walked in and caught her eye. How did she end up back at his place with him and another sexy lover? You'll have to read on to find out! In this sexy story, Annie gets caught up in a love triangle for a few hours - the most exquisite love triangle of her life. Have you ever fantasized about this kind of threesome? Let Annie know! This ebook is not only arousing, stimulating, explicit, and surprising... it is also one of Annie's biggest fantasies. She has imagined this scenario a thousand times. 

WARNING: Erotically repressed clients may be shocked by the contents within. Proceed with caution ... unless you're a naughty, kinky lover. In that case, this story is for you. ;)
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Dirty Little Innocent - Hardcopy and Lingerie Reading