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Caught Fucking The Pastor's Pit Bull!

I couldn’t help myself. I was bored, horny and couldn’t take another moment of listening to mom and the pastor. With Jacob, the pastor’s dog, in tow, I fled to my room to relieve my hormonal impulses.

Smelling my heat, Jacob showed me a world that I never knew existed. Excitement flooded through me as the large Pit Bull was the first man to claim me.

Shit hit the fan, however, when they caught us!


I had just turned 18 and mom had the pastor and his Pit Bull, Jacob, over for Sunday brunch. The pastor was so good looking that I was squirming in my panties and itching to get away and relieve myself.

I was in full heat and my scent was wafting right up through my panties and dress. I think the dog noticed as he kept sniffing around. Mom and the pastor were talking bullshit and completely oblivious to anything else going on. Finally, I couldn't take it any longer. I needed relief - whether the pastor was there or not.

"I'm going to take the dog in my room and play some fetch with him, if that's all right. You two take your time." I stood and said, averting my gaze as I was so horny that I was just sure that if the pastor could see my eyes, he'd know.

"Okay, honey. We'll be done in a bit." Mom replied.

I knew that "a bit" meant at least another half hour. I was so relieved that mom was letting me out of that boring as fuck conversation. I grabbed Jacob's leash and led him into my room. I was certain that Pastor Mark could smell my horny, fertile heat scent. There was no way he couldn't.

The moment we entered the room, I shut the door and I plopped onto the bed.

"Thank God I don't have to hear anymore of that drivel..." I said out loud. "I don't know how you stand it."

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