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Daughters of the Messenger (s) (epub)

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We have written here the biographies of the Daughters of the Messenger of Allah (S), who were favored by Allah. They were a living example of faith, piety, knowledge, wisdom, and noble morals. Furthermore, owing to their association with the Prophet (S) and his teachings, and what they had witnessed of his refined manners, they, like the Mothers of the Believers, became examples for all other women in piety. That is and will always be living in the hearts and the minds of the Muslims.

Whenever a believer hears any of their names being mentioned, he will surely feel great respect for those women who had lived while growing up with the Prophet (S) and their husbands in good times and in adversity, and who had endured the life of hardships he led; all kinds of offences he was subjected to; who had tried to relieve him (S) from the troubles he met on the path of Da'wah.

Contents of the Book:

Umm Kulthoom

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