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A womens guide to orgasm.

A Woman's Guide to Orgasm
by Don Abrams

This guide is written by a board certified gynecologist who was in charge of the Sexual Disorder Clinic of a New York hospital for 22 years. There is a severe understanding and mystery concerning the elements that are involved in a woman's orgasm. This book is written in biological terms in which men also will have a better understanding of the female orgasm and ejaculation.

Women who have 3 orgasms a week will receive the following health benefits:
A. Will lower your risk of heart attack by keeping your estrogen and testosterone levels in balance. When either one of these is low you develop heart disease and osteoporosis.
B. Orgasms lowers your blood pressure and keeps it low.
C. Improves bladder control. A strong pelvic floor is important for preventing incontinence. When you have an orgasm, the pelvic muscles contract vigorously, which strengthens them greatly.
D. Boost your libido. Your vaginal lubrication, blood flow to your clitoris and elasticity will boost your desire for sex.
E. Frequent orgasms will produce a higher level of antibodies which will defend the body against bacteria and viruses.


Chapter 1 Anatomy of an Orgasm

Chapter 2 Anal Sex Leading to Orgasm

Chapter 3 Masturbation Leading to Orgasm

Chapter 4 Having Your First Orgasm

Chapter 5  What Female Ejaculation Will Do For You

Chapter 6 Aids to Orgasm (Sex Toys)

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