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Maverick Brand Archetype System

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Everything you ever wanted to know about brand archetypes, condensed into a single, easy-to-understand and implement mini-course. This holistic branding system is a complete DIY guide to building a custom brand around your unique personality and archetype. 

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Human beings are conditioned to seek relevance, meaning, and connection. Each brand archetype represents unique brand characteristics, goals, and values. Because we're naturally drawn to what feels comfortable to us, we’re attracted to brands with archetypes that feel familiar and representative of our own personalities. Being able to showcase your brands true persona and what truly drives you, will make all the difference in your business.

Archetypes are used in branding to:

√  humanize the experience
√  create emotional reactions and associations
√  show you stand for something bigger than yourself
√  differentiate you from competitors
√  define a unique, own-able space
√  act as a guide for brand persona and behavior
√  define an enforceable internal values system
√  create a scaleable brand vision and roadmap

This playbook is designed to be a guide to help you understand and finesse your archetype into your life and work fluidly. 

Ready to develop an intentionally created, purpose driven life and business? 

Here's what's inside each individual Brand Archetype Playbook:

PART I: Understanding Archetypes 
  • Jungian Terminology 
  • Why Archetypes Matter 
  • Archetypal Drivers 
  • Personal Life

PART II: Understanding Branding 
  • Branding Defined

PART III: Archetypal Branding 
  • What is Archetypal Branding 
  • How Archetypes Help

PART IV: Your Brand Archetype 
  • Meet Your Brand Archetype
  • Your Archetype Snapshot 
  • Your Aliases 
  • Your Unique Brand Persona
  • The Archetypal Spectrum
  • Your Brand Strengths 
  • Your Brand Stereotypes 
  • Your Shadow Archetype
  • Real World Examples

PART V: Archetypal Blending 
  • Archetype Wheel 
  • Archetype Chart 
  • Achieving The Perfect Mix
  • Archetypal Blending
  • My Archetypal Blending Formula
  • Meet The Other Archetypes 

PART VI: Your Visual Brand 
  • Fonts & Typography 
  • Imagery & Symbols
  • Logo Design 
  • Brand Colors 
  • Sample Brand Palette
  • Photography 
  • Moodboard

PART VII: Brand Copywriting
  • Copywriting, Defined 
  • Copywriting Tips
  • Archetype Specific Brand Copy 
  • Brand Voice 
  • Impact Words 
  • Inspirational Quotes

PART VIII: Brand Storytelling
  • Brand Storytelling
  • Story Elements
  • Archetypal Storylines
  • Seven Story Plots

PART IX: Your Ideal Customers 
  • Your Ideal Customer Archetype
  • Your Archetype as a Consumer
  • Your Archetype Consumer Values
  • Archetype Customer Sentiment 
  • Niching Down Your Wrong People 
  • Finding Your Ideal Customers
  • Vetting Your Ideal Customers
  • A Vetting Letter Template

PART X: Creating Your Offerings 
  • Creating Offerings for your unique Archetype
  • Ideas For Your Offerings
  • Storifying Your Offerings
  • Your Brand Touchpoints
  • Archetype Specific Brand Strategies
  • Brand Communication
  • How To Add Unique (Archetype-specific) Value

PART XI: The Humanized Brand
  • Neuromarketing
  • Continuing Development Strategies

You will get the following files:
  • PDF (15MB)
  • PDF (60MB)
  • PDF (18MB)

Creator Brand Archetype System


Communitarian Brand Archetype System


Nurturer Brand Archetype System


Innocent Brand Archetype System


Passionate Brand Archetype System


Luminary Brand Archetype System


Magician Brand Archetype System


Warrior Brand Archetype System


Jester Brand Archetype System


Monarch Brand Archetype System