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Bast, She of the ointment jar.

The Cat Goddess and the Art of Sacred Perfumery

During this online workshop we will deepen our knowledge of, and relationship with, the Feline Goddess Bast, and learn about Sacred perfumery for blessing, protection and self-empowerment.

When and where

6th of August 2023 at 6pm UK time.

Web meeting hosted by Whereby.

Main topics:

  • Story and characteristics of Bast
  • Introduction to spiritual and devotional path
  • Journey to meet the Cat Goddess
  • The Art of spiritual anointing and the magic of oils
  • Creation of a personal sacred perfume blend

What you need

  • Phone, tablet or computer with camera/webcam and microphone, Chrome web browser or the Whereby free app
  • Pen and paper
  • Your favourite essential oils
  • 10ml glass bottle with cap
  • 20ml of almond, olive or jojoba (suggested) carrier oil

Payment plan

One-time payment


The techer reserves the right to:

Refuse to teach or stop teaching this course to people showing harassing, stalking, bullying, illegal or indecent attitude/behaviour.

Cancel the course if necessary.

A refund is issued in full if the organizer cancel the event without rescheduling a new date within 12 months from the original one.

If unable to attend, you might be offered the possibility to take part to the next – if/when available – date.


Pictures credits

Louvre Museum, CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons