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MKT 498 Practice: Week 3 Discussion Question 1

MKT 498 Practice: Week 3 Discussion Question 1

Respond to this week’s discussion.

Post your response to the discussion area.


Incentives to purchase; interactive blogs

Select ONE of the following to respond to as your first DQ for Week 3. Please be kind enough to copy/paste the question you have selected at the beginning of your response.





Pick one of the following product categories and access the websites of two companies that sell the product. What types of financial incentives are offered on each company’s website to encourage you to purchase? What about the other two types of incentives, greater convenience and added value? What evidence do you see for them? Compare and contrast the two companies in terms of incentives offered. Provide the URLs of the two websites and screenshots to illustrate your examples. 




Contacts or eyeglasses


Water skis


Camping supplies







Using a blog search engine, locate an example of an interactive blog. Evaluate the blog using the criteria discussed in the required reading. Is it effective? Why or why not? Provide a link to the blog and a screenshot.




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