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War and Peace in Paris and even in your heart. Read all about war and peace with God and man. You need peace even if there is war. Times of peace and a time for war, may your peace last a 1000 years, and more. War and Peace presents over 500 quotes on the beauty of world peace, inner peace, and peace with God in the midst of the ashes of war, burned bridges, and broken promises.

Like a seesaw, war and peace harmoniously play together and requires just a gentle push to ensure that everyone stays happy at each end. Equally, the wind blows as a peaceful breeze or as a warlike blizzard, depending on its force. But to fight unseen forces with handmade weapons and philosophies, offers little to no hope for lovers of peace.

These imbalances caused by human error and the curse of the forbidden tree, cannot be altered by science, medicine, or laws. Neither does castings spells produce good, nor does burned candles have a ripple effect on turbulent waters. Why is it then that peaceful protest so often turns into civil disruptions? Mainly, because the battles are spiritual, and of the evilness of one's own heart. But the actions of a king also contributes to the peace or wars of a nation, for God weighs his deeds whether it be good or evil in his sight. Therefore, like marching for a good cause, it is equally important for a man to humble himself, on his knees before his Creator, and to pray and ask for wisdom, justice, and forgiveness. Only then can the wounds of war begin to heal, and peace with God and neighbor return.

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