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(Ebook) Something About Abby

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(Ebook) Something about Abby

Follow your dreams, they said. We believe in you, they said. You're going to be a superstar, they said.

Two years ago, Abby Goodacre, the hollow’s hometown hopeful headed off to Music City to seek her fame and fortune. But the road to superstardom has proven to be a whole lot bumpier than she’d expected.

Now she’s hiding out in a friend’s spare room, too ashamed to show her face around town. She's let them all down - her band, her fans, her father, her sisters, her friends, yes, all of Plumwood Hollow.

They just don't know it yet.

At least, that’s what she thought. Until the hollow’s hometown heartthrob shows up at her back door… and he’s not willing to be shut out of her life again.

Jedediah Goodacre has watched all seven of his daughters discover their own paths, and he couldn’t be prouder of each of them. He’s looking forward to living the gray and grizzly bachelor life now that he’s no longer sharing a roof with all his womenfolk.

But the Almighty seems to have other plans for him—in the guise of a long-limbed shepherdess hellbent on getting under his skin. It seems Jed can’t get away from her… either that, or he can’t get enough of her. One thing he’s sure of, though, is that she’s nothing like his late wife, his beloved sweet Caroline.

Well, there is that one little similarity. He can’t seem to say ‘no’ to Charlotte Rawlings any more than he could to Caroline.

And that woman knows it.

If you love clean and wholesome contemporary romance in a small town setting, pick up Something About Abby: A Seven Virtues Ranch Romance Book 7 today. This book completes the Seven Virtues Ranch Romance Series by Becky Doughty, but look for the sequel, A Wedding at the Ranch.

Seven Virtues Ranch Romance Series

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  • Something About Abby
  • A Wedding at the Ranch - A Sequel
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