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ARTJOG Returns with Creative Impact | August 2023

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ARTJOG is without a doubt one of Indonesia’s most important art events of the year, a showcase of the country’s most prolific artists at the moment; as well as a platform to raise the profiles of emerging creatives.

It is significant for the art industry of course, but also for those outside of it, the ‘viewer’, who can venture into a world of new and contemporary perceptions through numerous mediums. What is art if not a visual story, a social commentary, an expression of things unsaid? In this August edition of NOW! Jakarta we share what this year’s ARTJOG, which stays open until 27 August 2023, has in store.

Also, as August marks Indonesia’s independence, we share some insightful and lesser-known stories behind the beginnings of the nation, as well as explore some of the key landmarks one can find around Jakarta.

You will get a PDF (7MB) file