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Sea of Storms: A Ruined Lands Novel (Signed Paperback w/ Swag)

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Mortal Enemies or Fated Mates?

The Reaper’s name is whispered throughout Norseland–the infamous sea captain who visits the frozen kingdom with each rising tide to collect a shipful of unfortunates. No one knows where he’s from or where he takes them, only that he leaves wreck and ruin in his wake.

After a terrible tragedy, Brynn wakes on the Reaper’s ship. Bloody, broken, and with nothing left to lose, she vows she’ll avenge her family before they reach the Reaper’s homeland.

But the gods of old play wicked games, and when the Reaper and Brynn are stranded together, destiny weaves an epic, unforgettable love story of pain, passion, and jaw-dropping discoveries.

Prepare to feel the salt on your skin and the wind in your hair in this heart-pounding, breathtaking Norse-inspired adventure and fantastical romance.

If you like forced proximity, enemies-to-lovers with badass heroines, cocky viking pirates, and plot twists that will leave you gasping, this is the love story for you.

**Contains adult content** Visit for trigger warnings.

Extra goodies include:
Ruined Lands map, double-sided character cards, and series-scented tealight.


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Customer Reviews


1 year ago

Mythology in a Dystopian World

I am continually impressed with Lindsey’s ability to take mythology and write futuristic stories. As soon as the reader opens the pages of this book, they are transported into a world that is as real as everyday life. It is like putting on a VR headset. The transformation is incredible.