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Free Masterclass: Debunking the 5 Most Insidious Myths About Women's Personal Style

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Personal Style Myths:

Something many women are familiar with- as they have been perpetuated by society, by the media, by Social Media... maybe even transmitted generationally from a strong female figure in their lives, or by close friends.

Which is why I know that running into these pervasive fashion styling myths does become an issue for many of us at some point.

Especially when that point marks a change, a milestone, or a crossroads in our lives.

As these are moments when you might be feeling like you are evolving and changing, and learning, but you might also be unsure of just how to express that outwardly, also with the help of your personal style.
Because we know our style is a very powerful means of self-expression.

And this is when these myths become especially tempting to believe.

Which is why I am going to help you navigate them today.
So that the next time you are at a milestone, you will be able to navigate it with even more grace and confidence!
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