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Fifty Shades Freed

By Shelley Marie Roz
Ana and Christian wed in a simple ceremony witnessed by family members and close friends. They then spend weeks together to spend their honeymoon. Once they got back, they spend lunch with the Greys. On their way back home, they are subjected to a car chase, which alarmed them both.

In spite of the looming danger, the newlyweds come back to work, attend their busy schedules, go to gatherings together, and spend dinner dates. Their arrangement considerably changes when Ana's father (Ray) gets into an accident after he went fishing. They had to spend days & nights checking for medical updates and visiting Ray, who succumbs to a coma. When Ray finally wakes up, they transfer him to a nearby hospital.

Just as one crisis has ended another turns up. Due to Ana's busy schedule and his father's accident, she overlooks her doctor's appointment and fails to get the birth control shot in time. Hence, she gets pregnant. Upon learning the news, Christian uncontrollably gets angry, blames Ana for her foolishness, and becomes distant.

During this time, the threat to their lives resurfaces - Jack Hyde, Ana's former boss whom Christian fires out of work due to his indiscreet actions. He takes the opportunity to compel Ana to give away $5 million in exchange of Mia (Christian's sister). Out of fear for Mia's life, Ana gets the specific amount in their joint account. This act gives out a wrong signal. Christian thinks that money is the only reason why she married him. Ana not wanting to involve him in the present danger simply assents to his judgment. In the course of the exchange, Jack inflicts pain on Ana which hurts her to a great extent. Before she fells down and darkness invades her, she shots Jack on his thigh. All too soon, Christian together with the authorities arrives and seizes Jack Hyde.

Ana undergoes treatment. She is made to sleep for days to decrease the swelling on her head. Although asleep and immobile most of the time, Ana can still hear excerpts of conversations from those visiting her. She hears Christian talking about the baby and this made her happy. When she finally wakes up, Christian is at her side giddily attending to her needs.

Ana and Christian soon resolve their issues and promise to be with each other at all times. Christian then tells her everything about him - his childhood life, problems he had to endure growing up, and the reasons why he became the Christian Grey that she knew. Ana embraced his totality and they both lived a happy life with their son and soon to be daughter.

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