Make Hand-Made Mud Comb Textured Ceiling Medallions. VIDEO TUTORIAL DOWNLOAD

by Dale Ovenstone

Grab yourself a set of texturing comb tools, & download this unique video tutorial (DVD + BONUS EBOOK) instantly:

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Learn not just how to make a beautiful array of fine hand-crafted textured ceiling medallions in the centre of every ceiling inside your home (or even to profit from by creating textured effects for others)

Because, inside this one of a kind 43 minute DVD tutorial (that will download instantly onto your computer or device,) you will also learn the most important aspects of creative comb texturing onto interior ceilings & walls, valuable knowledge for anyone learning creative comb texturing skills, to a professional finish: lessons such as:

* How to prepared (seal/prime) your ceiling (or any interior surface to be textured onto) prior to texturing, so the mud does not dry off too quickly whilst you are patterning into it

* How to mix mud/texture to the correct consistency for comb patterns, comb techniques, and special comb effects

* Mixing and laying on texture the easy DIY way. How to apply texture from the trough to the ceiling

* How to use a variety of comb tools, just like a pro, to create amazing effects around centre-piece light fittings

If you are serious about the art of creative ceiling/wall texturing to beautify interior ceilings & walls, this video tutorial is a 'must have' tool which will aid you along the way and will help you immensely within your quest for mud texturing using comb tools, just like a professional drywall finisher.

Also, within your instant video download you will recieve our flagship best seller e-book 'nifty tips n tricks of a professional drywall texture practitioner' a must read for anyone wishing to know the ins and outs of creating fine hand-crafted textures, brimmed full of beautiful comb effects, patterns tips & techniques to make your task run smoother

Please do contact me for any enquiries

Dale Ovenstone

Happy Texturing!

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