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"My Mother Said..." is a collection of stories from 43 contributing authors. They recalled what
their mothers told them that they still remember today. They shared why those words were
important and how they impacted their lives.

After you read their moving stories, you will realise the power and the impact of a mother's
words on the child.

Some remember the hurtful words that scarred their emotion. One author said she would never
be negative like her mother. But, instead, she had learned how not to be like her mother. Some
could not make sense of the advice while they were young. But when they become adults and
parents, and they understand the significance. For most authors, it is a tribute to their mom for
their positive influence.

In some ways, it will remind you of your mother.

This book is a manual of life that every child should read. This life handbook contains advice
from the mothers. It makes a perfect gift for Mother's Day.

This book is available in the following file formats:

Kindle ebook at Amazon Kindle store

Paperback  book (for readers outside Singapore) at Amazon book store

Paperback book (for Singapore readers). Message me to check whether I have any paperback copies with me. sgd$22 (self collect at Simei) or sgd$25 with local delivery.

Ebook (pdf). sgd$10. Click on the 'buy now' button to get it now.

It contains 104 pages. 




You will get a PDF (969KB) file

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