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The product key will activate the full version of Windows 10 Pro / Professional

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Product Features 


 - Permanent activation and future updates with life-time warranty


 - Download from official Microsoftwebsite


 - Can be used to upgrade from Windows 10 Home to PRO without a need for reinstall


- Works Worldwide and supports multi-language installation



Product Information


Windows 10 Pro is Microsoft's new operating system, designed specifically for professional users and businesses. In addition to the usual devices such as PCs and laptops, the Windows 10 Pro operating system can also run on compatible tablets. Thus, Microsoft Windows 10 Pro on every compatible platform with its features provides the optimal conditions that a professional user needs.


The new Windows 10 Pro operating system offers optimal computer support, above all for advanced users as well as companies. The Windows 10 Pro operating system shines, just like the previous Microsoft "Pro" variants, with a user-friendly and modern interface. Microsoft Windows 10 Pro also adapts to any device and its features. As far as the system requirements for the Windows 10 Pro operating system are concerned, they hardly changed in comparison to the two previous versions Windows 7 and 8.1. Therefore, even older computers come with no problems with Windows 10 Pro, which is a strong advantage in a conversion in a company.



System Requirements


1 GHz processor or faster, 1 GB RAM for 32-bit; 2 GB for 64-bit, up to 20 GB of free hard disk space, graphics card with DirectX® 9 graphics processor with WDDM driver, screen resolution 800 x 600 or higher, Internet connection (fees may apply), Microsoft account is required for some features Playing DVDs requires separate playback software, you must accept the included license terms, which are also available at, activation required



Notes on the offer of used software


1. An exhaustion of the distribution right within the meaning of § 69c No. 3 UrhG has occurred. "The software must have been marketed by way of divestiture with the consent of the copyright holder in the territory of the EU or another EEA Contracting State (either on a physical medium or by download)"


2. The copyright owner has received reasonable compensation for the software from the original purchaser. "The license to the Software must have been granted in return for the payment of a fee to enable the Rightholder to receive compensation commensurate with the economic value of the copy of the Software (it is sufficient that the Rightholder had the opportunity to obtain such a license fee) "


3. The software can be used without time limit. "The rights holder has granted the first-party the right to use the software permanently (for an indefinite period); a rental or a time limit of the right of use is not sufficient."


4. 100% Upgrade ability is Guaranteed "Improvements and updates, such as the computer program downloaded by the post purchaser from the computer program downloaded by the original purchaser, must be covered by a maintenance contract concluded between the author / right holder and the first purchaser"


5. The original purchaser did not retain a copy of the program. There is no disk. The product must be downloaded. "The original licensee must have disabled his copies."





"A software vendor can not oppose the resale of his 'used' licenses that allow him to use his programs downloaded from the Internet." From press release no. 94/12 to the judgment in Case C-128/11 of the Court of Justice of the European Union Union (ECJ):


The European Court of Justice (ECJ), as the supreme judicial body of the European Union, has provided final clarity in its judgment and has declared that the trade in used computer programs is generally lawful.


The ECJ also ruled that software usage trading is permissible even in the case of software transferred online.


On July 17, 2013, the BGH fully upheld the fundamental decision of the European Court of Justice with regard to the underlying legal issues. And even with volume licenses and their splitting, the judgment of the ECJ is applicable. This confirmed the Higher Regional Court of Frankfurt am Main in a case between Adobe and usedSoft.In their opinion, the 13 judges of the Grand Chamber clearly stated that the exhaustion principle

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