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P A Wilson. 

She was trying to make partner. In a parallel universe, she must become the Chosen One…

Madeline Higginbottom is a warrior in the courtroom. But her trial skills are useless when she’s transported to an alternate dimension and forced into the role of foretold savior. And with the prophecy’s actual mission unclear, her odds of surviving long enough to get home shrink by the minute.

Grudgingly committing to rescuing a land she doesn’t understand, Madeline sets off on a quest deep into enemy territory. But despite the protection of the gallant knight in love with her, she knows she needs weapons mightier than legal savvy if she hopes to succeed. And the deadly foe awaiting her plans to slaughter everyone…

Can Madeline save the strange magical world before it becomes a death sentence? 

Off Track is the first book in the epic Madeline Journeys fantasy series. If you like reluctant heroes, ancient magic, and romantic twists, then you’ll love P A Wilson’s thrilling adventure.
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