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The Biography of Ibn Jareer al-Tabari (epub)

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Abu Ja'far Muhammad ibn Jareer al-Tabari was a prominent and influential Persian scholar, historian and exegete of the Qur'an who composed all his works in Arabic. Today, he is best known for his expertise in Tafsir, Fiqh, and History, but he has been described as an impressively prolific polymath. He wrote on such subjects as poetry, lexicography, grammar, ethics, mathematics, and medicine. His most influential and best known works are his Qur'anic commentary known as "Tafsir al-Tabari" and his historical chronicle "Tarikh al-Rusul wa al-Muluk" (History of the Prophets and Kings), often referred to "Tarikh al-Tabari". He was also known to be a Faqih (Jusrist) like the four Illustrious Imams (Abu Hanifah, Anas b. Maalik, Idris Shaafi'i and Ahmad b. Hanbal). Although it eventually became extinct, al-Tabari's madhhab flourished among Sunni ulama' for two centuries after his death. It was usually designated by the name Jariri.

It is merely a matter of interest for those to want to read and learn more about this great scholar of Islam who is hardly known to many Muslims in this day and age.

Contents of the Book:

A Remark on the Sources
His Birth and Early Life
His Quest for Knowledge
His Fifty Years of Scholarly Activity in Baghdad
His Physical Description and Habits
His Scholarship
His Death
Some of His Works
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