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Sequitur Semita Tua

‘In a modern society that builds itself on individuality and opportunism, where material is more important than visions, success is more important than mental health and ultimately, money is more important than Humans, Governments’ hypocrisy on relying to citizens to solve issues, like the Covid-19 pandemic by simply ‘staying at home’, instead of properly funding environment, healthcare, education and jobs as ‘finances are tight’ whilst trillions are getting wasted as we speak to poison our planet and splashed on strategic wars for economic interests is just the last of an endless list of actions taken by the ‘gentlemen’ in charge of the globe.                                    

Unfortunately, the planet will be unable to support our lifestyle for much long. Modern UN scenarios suggested that, if current population and consumptions trends continued, by the 2050s, we would need the equivalent of three Earths to support us. Of course, we only have one. It is so crystal that scientists have been warning that humanity will soon be on a brink if serious and real actions are not taken right now.

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