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EVERY GOOD WORK - Adam Cross Suspense Book 3

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Beware the eye of the storm…

Adam Cross faces a life-changing decision when he returns in the gripping Christian suspense series finale!

When a massive hurricane hits Turtle Cove, Chief Perry and his team battle to save the community. As the small coastal town’s residents come together in the wake of the disaster, the discovery of an unfamiliar survivor who washed ashore has the townsfolk guessing.

But he isn't all the tides brought in.

Unable to recall his identity or the events leading up to him washing up on the beach, mystery ensues, and it isn't long before the residents of Turtle Cove realize there is something far more sinister in the making.

Something more fearful than the storm.

Full of mystery, twists, and turns, this last book in the best-selling Adam Cross series will grip you from the very first page and keep you reading until you reach the end!

If you enjoy reading faith-filled suspense fiction that keeps you guessing, then you will love this inspirational, fast-paced Christian suspense!
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