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Abundant Hope 11

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Abundant Hope Collection #11 : Christian Fiction series' by an award winning USA Today bestselling author.


The battle has begun, and the Hunter is pursued while remaining as dangerous as ever. Between the Hunter, his cronies and the SSPD, who will win?

Hunted by dangerous elements, and barely escaping with her life, undercover police officer Ladi Zoe vanishes without a trace. With her whereabouts untraceable, she left behind a trail of evidence for dismantling a dangerous network of criminals, and the love of her life brokenhearted. But, her heroic actions only seemed to have stirred the hornets nest.

Now, the bad guys want the SSPD destroyed. 


Pastor Pete Zendel, the Hunter, his cronies and the SSPD collide. How does it end?

Captain Charlie Bailey of the SSPD is kidnapped and chaos ensues. The battle between the SSPD, Pastor Pete Zendel, and the Hunter has grown into a community crisis. As the SSPD gives the Hunter a match for his fight, Ladi also combats an unseen enemy abroad.

When the conflict hits fever-pitch, is a collision inevitable?

Dive into this gripping & award winning series by USA Today Bestselling author Joy Ohagwu, hailed as a top 17 Christian Fiction Author, stories full of mystery and adventure and don't stop until the last page.
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