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Combat Stress

Training Manual 1 - Combat Stress (92 Pages)

Chapter 1 - Combat Stress Identification
Chapter 2 - Combat Stress Prevention, Management and Control
Chapter 3 - Command Leadership Actions
Chapter 4 - Sleep Deprivation
Appendix A - Suicide Awareness Information
Appendix B - Religious Ministry Team's Role
Appendix C - Glossary
Appendix D - References

Training Manual 2 - Combat Stress Control in a Theater of Operations (247 Pages)

Chapter 1 - Control of Combat Stress
Chapter 2 - Mental Health and Combat Stress Control Elements in the Theater of Operations
Chapter 3 - Combat Stress Control Operations in the Combat Zone
Chapter 4 - Combat Stress Control Consultation
Chapter 5 - Combat Stress Control for Reconstitution Support
Chapter 6 - Combat Neuropsychiatric Triage
Chapter 7 - Combat Stress Control Stabilization
Chapter 8 - Combat Stress Control Restoration
Chapter 9 - Combat Stress Control Reconditioning
Appendix A - Listing of Major Items of Equipment
Appendix B - Combat Stress Control Estimates and Plan
Appendix C - Mental Health Personnel in Military Police Confinement Facility Teams
Appendix D - The Geneva Conventions and Combat Stress-Related Casualties
Appendix E - Medical Reengineering Initiative for Mental Health and Combat Stress Control Elements

Training Manual 3 - Leaders Manual for Combat Stress Control (167 Pages)

Chapter 1 - Overview of Combat Stress Control
Chapter 2 - Stress and Combat Performance
Chapter 3 - Positive Combat Stress Behaviors
Chapter 4 - Combat Misconduct Stress Behaviors
Chapter 5 - Battle Fatigue
Chapter 6 - Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Chapter 7 - Stress Issues in Army Operations
Chapter 8 - Stress and Stessors Associated with Offensive/Defensive Operations
Chapter 9 - Combat Stress Control in Operations Other Than War
Chapter 10 - War and  Integrated (Nucler, Biological and Chemical) Battlefield)
Chapter 11 - Prevention of Battle Fatigue Casualties and Misconduct Stress Behaviors
Appendix A - Leader Actions to Offset Battle Fatigue Risk Factors
Appendix B - Organization and Functions of Army Medical Department Combat Stress Control Units
Appendix C - United States Army Bands
Appendix D - The Unit Ministry Team's Role in Combat Stress Control and Battle Fatigue Ministry
Appendix E - Example Lesson Plan

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