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Lucid Being

Lucid Being

We Shield Ourselves From The Energies That Deplete? – We Reach Empath Paragon! Our Spirit Animal In A New Light – We Transform, They Transform! Is Enlightenment Our Zen Prize – And What Really Is Enlightenment? The Foundation Of Genius, Or ‘The Collective Unconscious’? Transmigration Or Reincarnation! – Past Or Future Incarnations? Lost In Transition? – Spirits To Ghosts And The Endless Sightings We Still Question! Meditational / Observational Is The Zen We Become! In Dreams And Visions – How We Interpret The Cryptic Spiritual And Psychic Few – Unveil The Dream! This Is Our Spiritual Journey – ‘One Minute At A Time’ Psychic / Spiritual Mysticism Traversed!

Hypnagogia, Daydreaming, Microsleeps! – And My Waking Reverie? Immortality – And The Afterlife! Bandwidth Of The Spiritual – My Spiritual Force! Healing To Empowerment! Changelings, Fear Of Fairies And The Earthling Avatar! The ‘Pygmalion Effect’ Or The Observer Expectency Effect? What we expect of Others is how they WILL perform! I Know That I Am Intelligent Because I Know That I Know Nothing! How We See Everything… Is Everything! Are These Emotions that I Am Experiencing My Own – Or Someone Else’s? Truth of Empaths! – And What Effects Us Most? Forest Bathing: (Shinrin-Yoku) Energy, Healing, Empower My Spirit Child!

Spirit Child – The Spiritual Traits We All Share, Some More Than Others! Exploring Déjà Vu – In Our Present!

When we are in the State of Full Awareness while Dreaming! Practical Telepathy and How to Nurture New Ground Smudge Science – Why We Clear And Purify The Air? Our Psychic Path To Energy – Frequency To Empowerment! Power Of The Frequency – Sound Energy, Healing To Empowerment! Deep Meditation To Lift Our Soul! – And IQ? Lucid Dreams, Self Hypnosis? – Realise My Full Potential! Light Phenomenon – Energy To Empowerment – Frequency To The Limitless! Road To Reiki – Our Frequency To Empowerment – A Place To Heal! Psychic Roads – Crystal Energy To Empowerment! Prophetic Dream State – Energy To Empowerment – Our Sleeping Precognition Phenomena? The Astral World – Energy To Empowerment – Other Planes! Astral Sphere To Empowerment – This Psychic Energy! The Lives Of Others – And The Never Ending Vibe Of Empathy! Alchemical Healing – And To Be Awake! The Tao And The Vague Path!

As True Empaths, we sense (Feelings) energies of other souls even when they are not around us. These other Energies can be felt, experienced or even seen from any location. Any distance away from us and we are able to pick up on these emotions (Energies) as if they are right in front of us.

If we find ourselves in this Mystic category it is of utmost importance to stop and ask ourselves: – “Are these emotions that I am experiencing my own, or someone else’s?” This can be a great exercise in analyzing our own feelings and energies on a daily basis, and can inevitably raise our own connectedness to the world around us – Lucid Being!

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