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The Square & The Circle (OGB: Fundamentals of the Western Path 1)

OGB Fundamentals of the Western Path part 1 the circle and the square. Introducing the image of the circle (four directions, elements, etc). Complemented with the mystery of the square. Exercises include building your own understanding of the four elements, entering into a sacred space. Contents of book include:

The Circle
EXERCISE 1 The Directions
EXERCISE 2 Qabbalistic Cross
EXERCISE 3 Arch Angel Communion
The Cube of Space
The Esotericism of Money
The Chi Rho.
The Origin of the tree of Life Glyph
The Fifth Day (Chemical Wedding Christian Rosenkreutz)

first in a series of basic introductions to the Western Mystery Traditions. The idea is these can be used by any western practitioner of any stream. By looking solely at the building blocks of the western tradition we can build the tradition within our selves.

Air is for beginnings, the nature of incompleteness, communication, as "gaseous" nature air flows freely unhindered by the magnetic or electrical bonds at the atomic level. Air typically gives us the weapons of Swords or Arrows, creatures that fly such as birds and the elemental known as Sylphs.

The name “Moneta” incidentally, is where the contemporary term
“money” is derived.
The goddess Moneta had roles other than just overseeing coinage.
She also provided “warnings” about “instability”. That is to say,
instability in the form of “economics”, and related governmental
and social events. Her message was that the way to economic and
social stability was following the Will of Heaven.

Throughout the ancient world the square is used to signify the world or microcosm. This squaring the circle we find in many places. One example is the I Ching coin where we see the circle forming the divine reality or infinite with the square as that which is within, the macro cosmos and microcosmos. This is of course as basis of Hermeticism and most familiarly the emerald tablet of Hermes Trismegistus.

THE CIRCLE & THE SQUARE (OGB: Fundamentals of the Western Path Book 1)

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