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The Prince & The Pirate

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A mother's secret pain. A son's need to break free.

Two decades after a virus raged through the world and took most of humanity, Daya, the prince of the settlement his mother founded, longs to break out of the fences that have kept him safe his entire life and explore the new world.

Taught to fight and survive by his parents, Daya wanted to use his skills, but he was sheltered, protected. Then one day, his parents let him go.

Using the training he'd received, Daya set out on his own to discover the harsh world the virus had left in its wake. Warnings of pirates and marauders rang in his mind as he hunted and camped, ever wary.

A father's crimes. A son's need to break free.

Alastar, raised with those pirates, was out hunting. He'd gotten away from his camp for a couple of  glorious days. Away from the vicious and cruel life he knew.

The two met, fought, finding each other equal in strength. They decided to talk instead and developed a friendship that quickly heated into something more.

Being complete opposites didn't stop the hidden passion and love that developed. Daya wanted to take Alastar away to his home, give him the life he deserved, but Alastar knew his father, the leader of the pirate group, would hunt him down until everyone in his path was dead.

A battle comes, and each thinks the other is dead. Daya chooses revenge, killing every pirate he finds. Alastar, free of his father at last, finds a loving community that embraces him.

Will they find one another again, and if they do, will they discover they weren't truly strangers after all?

PLEASE NOTE: This is a TABOO GAY Romance Duet. Please heed the warnings inside cover!
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The Prince and The Pirate 2