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Runecursed, Braenduir Chronicles #1 EPUB

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What an easier way to earn a fat pouch of gold than to idle a couple of moons’ turns in a palace, guarding a juvenile princess! So thinks Toren Eddesen, a pacifistic warrior and sworn bachelor for life, and pledges his sword to the King of Girania. It turns out soon enough that his assumption could hardly have been farther from the truth.

If a common soldier wishes to become a hero and legend, he volunteers for the war in the Kingdoms. Thus does Arron Grethsen, an easygoing archer from Nortenmoor, despite the warnings of an ancient augur. Bumping into an onyx-eyed stranger turns his life upside down, but whose will be the shoulders around which the hero’s cloak is draped?

What is a princess to do when married off to an incompetent youth and ordered to produce an heir with his obnoxious kinsman? Will she grit her teeth and think about the comely, young knight of her Chamber Guard until the duty is fulfilled? Anything but in the case of Lady Irana Rofinnar who is ready to sacrifice even the future of the Kingdoms for freedom to choose for herself for once.  

Runecursed is a traditional, multicharacter fantasy adventure spiked with a steaming M/M romance. 

The book takes the reader to the Torn Continent where a man can be made a god, the true heroes are but verses in songs, dragons may exist only in the myths, and the strong and independent female characters actually make maverick choices. So, be adventurous, mount your destrier,  join the sentimental warriors and defiant princesses on their windy paths through Braenduir, and see whether they can break their shackles or are doomed to fulfill their ready-framed destinies!

Please note that the series isn't recommended for underage or sensitive readers because of the explicit content!
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