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Abundant Hope Collection #9 : Christian Fiction series' by an award winning USA Today bestselling author.


Beloved by all. Targeted by one. Who can she trust?

Ritz Towers is in college, all grown up and seen by many as a celebrity. But her down-to-earth upbringing makes her view herself like any other youth—ordinary and ready to impact the world positively. When she travels abroad with a charity for a joint rescue and evangelical mission, and ventured into remote areas, she is shocked to discover how different life could be—and how blessed she was in parentage.

Ritz grew flustered when she suspected that her “parent-imposed” traveling companion and childhood friend, Jaden Bailey’s innocent teasing is no longer such, even as strange occurrences in their host town have her parents threatening to evacuate her back home sooner than planned. Are their worries excessive caution, or does someone intend to do her harm far away from home? Is she safe? Will she ever find out what Jaden is really up to or why he’s behaving weirdly around her?


2018 First Place Winner, CWRC Readers' Choice Literary Lighthouse Awards.

It was bad enough for Violet Zendel that her twin brother hated her and avoided her like a plague because of her faith. When he became the CEO of their parents' company, she did everything she could to support his success. Then she planned a vacation to help bridge the gap between them and improve their relationship.

However, when the news about a shocking event reached her ears during the trip, it shook her to her core—and led to a trail of broken hearts. Violet saw no other option but to shift her focus from pursuing corporate achievements, to preserving her family members and their legacy. But that came at a very high cost. And in the process, she is challenged by riskier choices, which demonstrate in dangerous ways, that not everything was as it seemed.


A slave or a princess, which will he choose?

Shipwrecked and stranded at sea, Christian missionary Sierra Fernando had no choice other than to surrender her freedom. But when she arrives at the beautiful island of Lanzarote as a slave and stumbles into the king, she finds that slavery threatens more than her freedom—it threatens her life.

One year ago, King Peralta was sure his destiny as king of Lanzarote was fixed for him according to Lanzarote custom. He would marry the lady chosen for him by the council. Until he met Sierra and his choices shifted. With only twenty-four hours left, he must decide who to marry—a princess or a slave.  One choice will lead to a life of misery. The other will end his reign—and possibly his life—and set off the dangerous Hunter after him forever. When time runs out, which bride will he choose?

Dive into this gripping & award winning series by USA Today Bestselling author Joy Ohagwu, hailed as a top 17 Christian Fiction Author, stories full of mystery and adventure and don't stop until the last page.
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