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The Book of Major Sins in Islam (epub)

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Bear in mind that what you view in this world is either good or bad, clear or vague, a lust followed by sorrow or sins followed by gloom. Therefore, you have to reject a perishable joy or lust, a binding condemnity, an inevitable sorrow, and a grievous affliction. Judge yourself before being judged by Allah, the Lord of the Universe. Remember that the one who will be prosperous, is the one who washes away the filth of his sins by repentance while repentance is available, awakes and gets out from the place of sins to the fort of guidance before repentance and apology are of no avail. May Allah safeguard us with His sleepless eyes and keep us away from faults and sins for He is the All-Hearing, the Nearest.

Contents of the Book:

Definition of Major Sins
01 Ascribing Associates to Allah (Shirk)
02 Not Performing the Salaah
03 Not Paying the Zakaah
04 Not Fasting in Ramadan
05 Not Performing the Pilgrimage (Hajj)
06 Consumption of Haraam Property and Food
07 Consumption of Intoxicants
08 Engaging in Gambling
09 Engaging in Usuary (Riba)
10 Sorcery, Witch-Craft, Black Magic (Sihr)
11 Disbelieving in Destiny
12 Engaging in Theft
13 Disrespecting Parents
14 Severing Ties with Relatives
15 Killing a Human Being
16 Engaging in Picture-Making
17 Dragging the Hem of One's Garment out of Conceit
18 Adultery and Fornication (Zina)
19 Accusing a Woman of Adultery
20 The Pimp and One who Permits his Wife to Fornicate
21 Lying about Allah and the Messenger (S)
22 Wrongly Consuming an Orphan's Property
23 To Commit Suicide
24 To Speak Lies
25 Cursing Others and Being Cursed
26 Arrogance, Pride, Conceit, Vanity, Haughtiness
27 A Wife's Rebellion against Her Husband
28 Believing Fortune Tellers and Astrologers
29 Bribery
30 Bearing False Witness
31 Men Wearing Silk or Gold
32 Women Imitating Men and Vice Versa
33 Breaking One's Propmise or Pledge
34 Engaging in Sodomy
35 Showing Off in Good Work
36 Taking People's Property through Falsehood
37 Witholding Excess Water from Others
38 Causing Harm to Others
39 Arguing and Quarelling
40 The Tyrant and the Oppressor
41 Highway Men who Menace the Road
42 The Engulfing Oath
43 Fleeing from the Battlefield
44 Misappropriating Spoils of War or Muslim Funds
45 Collecting Taxes
46 The Dishonest Judge
47 Marrying Solely to Return to the Previous Husband
48 Not Freeing Oneself of All Traces of Urine
49 Breach of Faith
50 Spying and Talebearing
51 Loud Lamenting when Afflicted with an Adversity
52 Slaughtering in Other than Allah's Name
53 Excess Against Others
54 Feeling Secure from Allah's Devising
55 Disparaging the Companions of the Prophets (S)
56 Cheating in Measurement
57 Aqcuiring Sacred Knowledge for the Wrong Reasons
58 Bringing Loss to the Bequest
59 Reminding Recipients of One's Charity to Them
60 Desparing in Allah's Mercy and Losing Hope
61 Falsely Claiming that Someone is One's Father
62 Fleeing of the Slave

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