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The Quinn Larson Quests

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Dead bodies and deep secrets keep this wizard racing to save the world and bring about an overdue prophecy. If he fails….

Quinn Larson isn’t a hero, he’s just a wizard who loves finding new spells, and hanging out with his friends at the local magic folk bar in Vancouver’s Gastown.

When he witnesses a fairy murdering a human, and selling the spirit to a sidhe, he can’t ignore it. The fight to save his people starts with a fae plot to wrest power and ends with an ancient prophecy that can’t be ignored.

With each betrayal and sacrifice the battles become harder to win. Each victory he claims is just a pause in the war. Quinn can’t afford to quit, and he is running out of things to lose.

Buy the four-book The Quinn Larson Quests boxed set now to stand with Quinn as he faces battle after battle to save two worlds.

What readers say.

“No character is safe and no person is safe unless the hero can work things out.”


“I thoroughly enjoyed this book, the story itself was interesting and I found most of the characters to be enchanting.”

“A great blend of fantasy and detective work. Absolutely worth the read. You can't miss this one. Very different, excellent world building.”

“One of those rare books that keep you living with the characters long after you finish the series.”
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