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Monthly subscription for parenting bundles of printables on popular parenting topics. Once you've joined, you can download all my parenting books, as well as printables that I often gift to my subscribers.

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If you haven't bought my books yet, when you join for 1 month and download everything then you'll be saving more than 50% off. If you've already got my books then there are lots of new resources that I've added already. Each month there will be new parenting resources added. It could be printables, challenges, books, or presentations/webinars. There will be at least some combinations of these. Even if you join only for one month, this is a real savings for you. Try it out for one month and download everything. Everything is worth more than $15 (you can do the maths on everything that I sell!). But if you like it and want more than when you pay for the 3 months option then you'll save even more! It's a win all around.

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