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Lean Manufacturing - Business waste reduction & Increased Profit.

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Learn what is Lean manufacturing, 
Learn about the types of Waste, 
Learn about the lean business tools to implement to reduce and eliminate waste,
Learn the key lean Principles, 
Added useful Lean links and resources (Books, online resources & linsk) to learn even more about lean. 
Total of 62 pages to read, learn & implement. 

Why is Lean Manufacturing or thinking so prevalent in the modern current economies of scale? To remain competitive, agile and the lowest cost producers, providers and streamlined business, getting rid of waste and being highly,consistently and sustainable is key for survival and thriving
in this new economy. Lean manufacturing or thinking is exactly what the name sounds like – it is about ‘cut to the bone’, fat-trimmed, streamlining operation and organizations. Authors Womack and Jones define lean thinking as a set or collection of ‘efficiency tools’ that you can unleash in your business to save money, reduce cost and waste and deliver consistent and effective service that is affordable and pleasing to your customers. It is about vision and tools for reducing variability and cutting down on waste, being
efficient and running a smooth and competitive, even profitable operation, well. The thinking was initially championed by pioneers like Toyota and it was eventually adopted by the Japanese automakers as the principle upon which they wanted to build, run and grow their businesses. Only a little later, will the Western world catch onto the value and potential of this approach to their respective organizations and operations.
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