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This is the final volume of verse to be pieced together from fragments left behind by Soma Amritah. The 'Manuscript Remains' have never before been published as a PDF ebook though they have been available in paperback and hardback. Hitherto it has been impossible to appreciate in electronic format the final dreamic and spellbinding journey in verse of this mystical author. New, never-before published works include: 'The Hand of Death', 'Cosmos Chair', Noah Two' and 'The Uppermost Chamber'.

"Air to the Fish is Death, Water to Man a Tomb, I step through a Hole in a Star and I find You are living within." - Soma Amritah

Features of this Volume: This is Final Collection of Amritah's verse includes a specially commissioned Biographical and Critical Essay by Edouard d'Araille; an Interview with Soma Amritah by Khamil Akhbar that took place before a bizarre disappearance in the late Summer of 2000; a Select Bibliography of his works spanning poetry and fiction; plus Special Extras such as his Last Letter and a Missing Page.
- All poems are provided verbatim from fragments discovered in Soma Amritah's home. They have been meticulously edited and reproduced so as to present them in English as close to their original meaning as possible. Two extracts are provided below:

Extract 1:
The Hand of Death

Have you held the Hand of Death?
Have you hours or days
or years to live?

Did he grasp you
by the hand and say :

Have you held the Hand of Death?
Did his handshake make
you tremble within?

Have you felt his long
and cold white fingers
curled around your own?

His nails cracked,
his skin dry as bone -
did you find ash in your palm?

What happened to the Stranger,
did he talk to you again?

I saw him in the street
last week - did he say
he was going away?

Stranger, you told me
that life would be fine -
you cheered me up that day.

Stranger, did you go away?
For I have not seen you since. -

Extract 2:
Cosmos Chair

The Universe,
a piece of dust,
whirling around
an ember of ash, -

the End and Beginning
are drowned
in the Night,
no-one has seen
the point of light,

infinitesimal singularity,
atom of nothingness
- all things came.

I sit at the edge
of Space today
and I watch
as Time will end again.

Cosmos chair,
I was sitting there,
and could see the stars
but not my own feet. -

The Earth is dissolved
in the astral clouds
and all Suns

Full Stop.

Other Works by Soma Amritah: Anyone who finds this volume of interest will want to turn back to Soma Amritah's other works, including his poetry volumes 'After the Fire', 'Out of these Eyes' and 'The Lost Verse' as well his prose-works 'Raja's Dream' and 'The Love and Death of Adapa'.

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