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DSP Lab Premium - Digital Signal Processing Simulation

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DSP Lab is a digital signal processing simulation application created to simulate and visualize process of sampling and filtering analog signal using DSP system. This application is created to provide as a tool for educator and student to visualize and understand DSP system. With audio output, you can see and listen to generated signal as well as processed signal.

The application is built with DSP Toolbox which contains the following assemblies which built with .NET Framework 4.0, written in C#.
  • CodeArtEng.DspToolbox.dll Implementation for virtual signal generator, Fourier Transform, and digital filters.
  • CodeArtEng.DspToolbox.Controls.dll WinForms control for digital filter, virtual DAQ and virtual signal generator.

Key Features:
  • Virtual Signal Generator to simulate different signal source.
  • Virtual DAQ (Data Acquisition) to simulate signal sampling with different sampling rate.
  • IIR and FIR Digital Filter Implementation.
  • Convolution Simulation (Step by Step).
  • Frequency response and Fourier Transform.
  • Audio playback for simulated signal and processed signal.
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