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Practice Self-Love with the Tarot

Discover how I learned to love myself a little bit more,

while I went through the messy middle of my life.

Imagine This

Imagine that you can go through the messy middle of your life without beating yourself up? Suppose you can do that with supportive tarot readings because you know how to interpret the tarot cards from the challenging topic of self-love? Or to have tarot spreads that focus on building more love for yourself without leaving it up to chance whether you love yourself or not?

That’s totally possible for you. And how do I know?

I mastered interpreting my tarot readings from a self-love focus, and I’m ready to share that with you.

My Relationship With Self-Love

I have a lengthy relationship with self-love. Two years ago, I literally sighed when someone dared to use the S-word. "Please, don't go there..."

I had a very strong inner critic which resulted in standing in my own way to create change in my life. When I did things, I was very good at them. But it was never good enough. For a long time this kept me from publishing my book Tarot Guide for Beginners.

But with the help of my trusted tarot cards, I uncovered several cards that called me to approach things more lovingly. This doesn't mean I'm an expert on this topic, just a student of self-love, like you. Let’s study it together.

Why You Need This

1) Loving yourself helps you to be more patient with yourself, and trust that no matter what happens, you will get through this.

2) You allow yourself to be okay with where you are. It helps you to be calmer while you move forward toward fulfilling your soul's purpose.

Course Curriculum

Practicing Self-Love with the Tarot is an in-depth training covering everything you need to know to about learning to love yourself a bit more.

You’ll learn (or get):

  • What is self-love (and what is it not)?
  • What is the foundation of self-love?
  • What is the difference between self-care and self-love?
  • Which tarot cards are about self-love and what to do next.
  • And which tarot spreads to use.

All lessons consist of a video with the transcript below (you can download the transcript and the slides).

But most importantly, you’ll learn how to stop hurting yourself and finally treat yourself in a soulful way.

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