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Ancient Moral Stories

This book is compilation of ancient stories by buddha. These are moral stories and there is a lesson with every story.

Behind each story which bears a lesson of great moral value whether they concern such human flaws as pride and greed, or such virtues as compassion and generosity.


These stories have been used by parents to instruct and entertain their children and have been recounted by monks to inspire and enlighten those who came to seek their guidance.

As to whether the stories are really based on historical fact or merely the products of vividly imaginative minds, discussion still goes on, but it is evident that the stories may not be entirely precise in detail nor free from exaggeration. One is nevertheless advised to keep an open mind in order to be able to appreciate the moral lessons the stories are trying to convey.

information regarding the personality of the Buddha himself: his temperament—the Buddha was always calm, patient and compassionate (no instance can be cited where the Buddha ever displayed any anger or spoke harshly);

his great humility—he accepted food even from lowly servants and slaves, sometimes food that had already been partially eaten;

his wisdom and skill in teaching—he was able to uproot the deep-seated unwholesome attitudes of even his most abusive and stubborn accusers and bring them to accept Right View.


I hope you will like these stories.

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