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Beginners Guide Meditation

Integrating the Power of Meditation in Your Life: An Author Shows You How through a New E-Book

Twenty-first century living has its advantages – instantaneous technology, medical advancement, better conditions, faster turn arounds – but it also has its attendant consequences. At a time when people claim to work 25-hour work days and still complain they don’t have enough time, the author of a new guide to meditation says he has the answer to this modern-day dilemma.

Marion, Iowa (PRWeb) February 6, 2007 – Every week, on a Monday, millions of people get up before the sun rises to perform routine tasks – taking a shower, making breakfast, getting the children out of bed and ready for school, heading for work. Really simple tasks, yet the mere act of doing them out day in and day out takes a lot out of people's energies, resulting to stress and health problems.

"People need to relax more," the author says. "Give themselves time to rest and take advantage of that period to calm themselves and relieve stress." The author knows exactly where he is speaking from. A busy entrepreneur, much of his days were spent managing his business, performing day-to-day responsibilities and jumping from one duty to the next. It was only a matter of time before he nearly burned out.

To combat the negative effects of his activities, he turned to the age-old art of meditation. "I had been looking for a way to use meditation to relieve too much stress and tension," the author says. "But I had a problem concentrating! I later found out this was normal for beginners, especially those who knew very little of the proper techniques and methods. I needed to understand the deeper meaning of meditation before I could actually put it into practice."

Acknowledging he needed to learn more and be able to design the kind of meditative practice that can work around his busy schedule, the author conducted an intensive research on meditation. The result of years of self-study and hundreds of resources is the new e-book, 'Meditation: The Guide to Self-Enlightenment', already hailed by many as the definitive guide to modern meditation.

The author has narrowed down the topics to include only the most useful ones that still contain a resonance in this day and age. As much an apt guide for beginners as it is for the experienced, 'Meditation: The Guide to Self-Enlightenment ' contains such topics as, the stages of the mind, the different types of meditation, the role of sleep, the physical and emotional changes that occur during meditation, discovering activities that lead to meditation, how it affects attitude and many more.

The author insists there is no need to spend hours each day to reach a calm, restful sense of being. "I know how important time is for people. I myself do not want to spend more than an hour or two in contemplation, which is why I designed an e-book that will show readers how to use a few minutes each day for meditation, effectively and safely. With the kind of lifestyle we have today, the last thing we need is to have little energy to enjoy it with. I truly believe, as many of my readers do, that meditation is the key to attain a genuine balance in our lives."

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