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MKT 498 Practice: Week 4 Discussion Question 1

MKT 498 Practice: Week 4 Discussion Question 1

Respond to this week’s discussion.

Post your response to the discussion area.


Right and left brain ad appeals; Super Bowl ads

Select ONE of the following to respond to as your first DQ for Week 4. Please be kind enough to copy/paste the question you have selected at the beginning of your response.




Many advertisers direct ads toward the right side of the brain and develop advertisements based entirely on emotions, images, and pictures. Companies often advertise auto parts and tools with a scantily-clad woman to attract the attention of men. The woman has nothing to do with the product itself, but gains attention. The rationale for using a sexy woman is that if consumers like her, they will like the product and then purchase that brand. Effective advertisements integrate elements from both the left side of the brain as well as the right. They contain elements that appeal to emotions but also have rational arguments. A laundry detergent can be advertised as offering the rational benefit of getting clothes cleaner but also contain the emotional promise that your mother-in-law will think of you more favorably. Visit the website of one of your favorite brands and discuss the balance of left-brain versus right-brain advertising appeal on three different pages of that site. Provide the URL for the pages you examine.


Current as well as past Super Bowl ads are available at Access the site and compare Super Bowl ads for the last several years. What types of message strategies were used? What types of appeals were used? What types of executions were used? Who and what types of endorsers or spokespersons were used? Compare and contrast these four elements of ads over the last three years of Super Bowl ads.

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