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A new path to health to have a full life.
The body is designed to heal itself as long as you help it to happen.
We all know in one way or another that it is diabetes, its causes and consequences in humans, there are thousands of books, diets, and scientific studies with important advances, but the reality is that this disease is growing more and more every day.
There are no magic formulas so that diseases disappear overnight, although sometimes there are unexpected miracles.
You don't have to look for the solution in other places because it is closer to you than you can imagine. You are the solution yourself if you are willing to make the decision and take action at the right time and in the right way, fulfilling only three essential things for you to see results.
Discipline, commitment, and follow-up to the decisions you make.
What is written here applies to every human being who aspires to have health and happiness, no matter who, where he goes, how much money he has, whether he is a man, woman, teenager or child living in a rich or poor country, the important thing is Have a full life in every way.
All human illnesses have their origin in: WHAT WE EAT, WHAT WE THINK AND WHAT WE FEEL, in this book we will explain in a simple and practical way: How to feed the Body, how to feed the Mind and how to feed the Soul to be able have a balance in the three energies that directly impact on having a full life
It is so simple to put them into practice that you just need to make the decision to live healthy.
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