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Lucid Dreaming in 5 Easy Steps - Understanding Your Multidimensional Experiences

Lucid Dreaming starts to be very popular these days and many people are practicing it with various methods without knowing anything about what is a "dream", what are they doing via elevating their conscious awareness in this strange world and people don't really know that dreams are mainly the necessary steps to learn about themselves and start their journey into an endless world with full of potential. Lucid Dreaming is just a silly label to differentiate the physical world from our original circumstances. Lucid Dreaming is rather waking up to your true nature and self and experiencing all the time with practice and effort.

Beginners may don't know but what I wrote down in this book will lead them into the deep unknown of their multidimensional nature, to the Wider Reality where they can learn about themselves, face their fears and grow. Visiting Afterlife places, non-physical regions, parallel worlds, and Universes? You can do it with practice. Lucid Dreaming is your personal exploration of who you are, what is out there, what can you do, where you will end up.

The book is a step by step guide with deeply detailed explanation about what dreams are, what happens to Lucid Dreamers, what is our multidimensional nature and how all of these steps are leading you towards your real, non-physical self and realizing that we had this capacity to explore a vast world without physical limits the whole time and that using different tricks in LD's are not what they seem to be. Dreams are not some sort of "subconscious" stuff after you realize that where they are taking place. This is a training ground which will open up your eyes towards your real nature, where we are coming from and that elevating your awareness will open up new doors for you which will blow your mind.

The Author had "lucid" dreams all in his life, as a conscious explorer, he is making his own researches, experimentations and exploring his multidimensional nature and the world beyond our physical Universe. He shares his knowledge worldwide on his site and via other mediums to help people learn and grow on their own. Also, there are no religious beliefs and distortions and many articles on the site are up to date if something is changing. Enjoy reading and meet you there.

Judging the cover won't give you real experiences in life, you can't lose anything. The book was formatted in PDF.

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