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The Book of Awakening

This e-book contains;
  • Ascension Symptoms 
  • Ascension Symptoms Remedies
  • Ascension Stages
  • Book of Yeshua
  • Channeled Messages of Yeshua to Ascending Humanity
  • Universal Laws
  • Secrets of Law of Attraction
  • Living in 5D
  • How to self-cure
  • Third Eye Opening Process
  • Merkaba Alignment
  • Alchemy
  • Connecting with Source
  • Collection of worlds' best enlightenment books 
and so much more...

May this e-book helps you in dealing with ascension symptoms by undertanding it deeply and learning how to deal with it with ease.May this book also lead you closer to Yeshua ben Joseph (Sananda) or popularly known as Jesus of Nazareth
Fully digest HIs messages to humanity in this time of Great Shift. May the collection of all the best books of elightenment in the world included here propel you more in your own journey of spiritual awakening.
The more we know the truth of life...the more we can gain control of our own lives...the more we know about the truth of who we are...the more we can lose ourselves from the grasps of the dark matrix that enslaved mankind for millenia..the more we know about the universal truth of light of love...the more programming and implants we can eliminate from our physical vessel.

We are the calvary we are waiting for.We are the awakening humans of Nova Gaia.We are the warriors of light and love. We are the ones who carry the torch of light so that others may find that they have golden hearts and wings too for we are all one and the one is the all.

Learn as much as you can from these golden books I hand picked for you.For many information out there are meant to deceived humanity in this time of Shift...Great Awakening is also the time of Great Deception...Through self reading and self-discovery, we can be our own teacher, we can be our own Master...We are the Second Coming...We are the renegades of the light in flesh...We are the bringers of the dawn...We are the ground crew of love.

If you find this e-book helpful for you in anyway...It is always a good karma to share light to others in this transition time we are in right now.

May the power of the Source be with us all.Namaste.

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