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Hair Growth Tips for Beginners Ebook

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Your hair can grow healthy, long and thick too & this Ebook will help you with that. A simplified, easy and quick read on hair care essentials from:
  • How best to Transition to Natural Hair. Pros and cons of each transitioning method
  • How to grow your hair healthy, long and thick.
  • Essential products and tools to ease your Journey
  • How to know your Hair porosity and care for it.
  • moisturizing methods that will keep your hair moisturized for longer
  • Why some protective styles are breaking your hair and how to care for your protective styles
  • How to prep your hair for protective styles
  • How to care for and regrow your edges and causes of receding hairline.
  • Quick links to detailed hair care blog posts
  • All that and so much more
Grab your copy today and kick start your hair care Journey. 
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You will get a PDF (2MB) file

The Ultimate Routine Guide for Hair Growth + FREE Hair Routine Tracker/Journal