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As an overseas missionary who leads lost souls toward salvation, it’s imperative I live a godly existence, even in the midst of life-shattering grief.

Returning to the States brings about a trial worse than the loss of love, and I’m faced with desire for someone forbidden to me by my church and the word of God.

Aaron Weston.

My best friend’s son who is no longer a gangly teen. He makes me want things no newly widowed man should.

His presence fills the emptiness in my life, but my sinful nature longs for more. Every inch of him—in my heart, in my body, making me feel whole again.

Giving into the hunger of the flesh will take us down a path of immorality, one that goes against my strive for holiness.

I lost my wife from focusing on promised riches in glory.

And if I make the same mistake, I fear responsibility for the ruination of another soul.

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