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Pass The Paper: The Ultimate Speaking Game

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Our most popular game- Pass The Paper.

Language prompts, fun music. Dozens of presentations for all levels. A student favorite! Get all 16 pre-made PPT games plus more similar games. You'll get a pdf with a link to the folder to download.

Students form groups and pass around a piece of paper as the music plays. Whoever has the paper when the music stops, must do what the slide says…. Continue playing.  Easy to set the slides to advance at a set rate or make it more random by clicking yourself (or have a student control this)

Really easy and a great motivational tool to get students speaking and forgetting that big “affective filter”! You also can use it with your own material and just edit the questions/prompts and use the ppts as a template. 

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You will get a PDF (81KB) file

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