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Choose Life or Death Vol 4: The Strategic Battle

Our entire spiritual journey along with our free will boils down to either choosing to walk with Jesus (LIFE) or choosing the way of the world (DEATH). In God there is life, and life in abundance. Not just  eternal life, but life in spirit, in soul and in body. Yet, there is a real difference between knowing of Him and knowing Him. In Him we abide in life, and walk in such life, but this calls for obedience to His Truth, to His Way and to His Kingdom. From a true relationship with the Lord, not religion, flows life and the blessings of such divine life. Deuteronomy 30 outlines the Offer of Life or Death. In the Old Testament life and death translated into blessings and curses for the Israel nation. Under the Law of Moses, the Lord presented to His people a very simple choice – follow God and live, or disobey God and die. Take note of verse 15: See, I set before you today life and prosperity, death and destruction. Under the New Covenant, we are either going to follow God and live in abundance – spirit, soul and body – or we are going to choose to allow ourselves to suffer the touch of death. The Life and Death series of five volumes explores in-depth how to walk in God’s divine life, how to guard over such life and to avoid the pitfalls of death that manifests in so many ways, not just physical. The Life and Death series is a volume of work stretching over many years, guided by the Holy Spirit, in order for the disciples of the Lord to understand we can walk in life, yet this calls for remaining true to the Word, to His Will, to His Ways and His Kingdom. Be blessed on this journey, and know that God desires us to walk in life - but we need to choose. Either life, or death.

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