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A Black First by Peter E. Carter (includes shipping)

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A BLACK FIRST is the story of an African-American, Black, Negro, colored man who weathered the storms of racism and bigotry and became a prominent educator in the State of New Jersey among its most powerful leaders for a significant period of time. The book takes the reader from this man’s arrival in the United States as a two-year-old at a tenement building in black Harlem, New York City, to his retirement at sixty years old from a wealthy white school district in Northern New Jersey.

Peter E. Carter shares his journey to several schools and school districts with us as he withstood the slings and arrows as well as basked in the praises and joys of the people he met and with whom he worked as a school administrator in New York, New Jersey, and Delaware. He was a force to be reckoned with as well as a human being to be loved and admired. Join him on his trip with many professional stops along a tricky and exciting route with several twists and turns.

The reader, especially the non-black reader, is welcome to enter a world where the author blazed so many trails previously reserved for whites, and protected for and by them. Mr. Carter was the first of his race to overcome many obstacles, and gain personal and professional recognition. His numerous awards and plaques attest to his prominence and admiration by those whose lives he touched, and the thousands of children he helped to obtain the best education possible.

You are invited to be among the first to learn of his firsts.

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