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Birthing The Adorable Baby Bunnies!

"You did WHAT?" She shouted and the entire restaurant stopped and stared.

God, I was so embarrassed. If I could've just sunk underneath the table and disappeared into a tiny hole, I would have.

"Sorry..." She apologized to the patrons and I waited until they'd all gone back to their own troubles.

"I...climbed into Charles' cage and...well, he took advantage of me."

"You let a rabbit fuck you?"


I'd just bought myself a brand-new black and white rabbit that I named Charles. He was the cutest, most adorable thing I'd ever seen. I set him up with a big indoor rabbit hutch and plenty of toys to keep him happy and healthy.

Only there was one problem: He was lonely. I could see it in his big, brown eyes. I suppose I could've bought another rabbit to keep him company, but he would've fought with a male and if I gave him a lady bunny, know what they say about rabbits.

I scratched my head trying to figure out the perfect solution when I stumbled across an experimental, dark-web drug that shrunk people.

"Aha!" I jumped out of my seat, scaring poor Charles. "That's it!" I turned to the rabbit, a smile plastered across my pretty face.

He twitched his nose and put his paws on the cage as if to say: "What's it?"

"I'm going to make myself small like you and we can play." I chuckled to myself as it sounded totally dumb to my ears.

"That way you can't knock up any lady bunnies, you naughty boy!" I wagged my finger at him, then snatched him from the cage and cuddled him. "That's what you want, isn't it? You want to fuck a girl bunny and knock her full of your cute adorable little bun buns." I laughed.

He twitched his nose innocently. But I knew the truth.

I set Charles back in his hutch and quickly ordered a large amount of the drug. It was expensive, but getting to play with my own bunny at his level excited me. Oh, the trouble we could get into.

I just didn't know what kind of trouble...

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