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Blackmailed Bitches 4: Caught Mom In The Act!

Catching my mother with the next-door neighbor was the most disgusting thing I’d ever seen.

So why did it have such an effect on me? Why couldn’t I tear myself away from the wicked scene? Why did my eyes travel the length of her long, smooth legs, alight on her rock-hard ass and shapely breasts?

Why couldn’t I be so lucky?

Then I remembered my cell-phone. Now I had more than luck on my side.


I couldn’t believe what I was watching. Mom never expected me back home until past seven, but there I was, at the crack of her bedroom door, watching our neighbor jackhammer her pussy from behind! She must have thought that she’d picked her moment well, after I told her that I’d be home late from work.

I'd always had a gut feeling that she was unfaithful to my dad – a man so consumed with making money that he never had the slightest suspicion that his trophy wife was a sex-mad cheat – but I never expected her to be so blatant about it, so daring as to fuck the next door neighbor on the bed she shared with my father.

Pinned down on her face, the neighbor was shunting her pussy from behind - grunting as he jammed himself balls deep into my mother’s shaved cunt.

I couldn’t peel myself away from the outrageous scene of brutish sex that was treating my eyes, watching in both revulsion and awe. As a twenty-year old man, I was horny at the best of times, but this was something else. I never imagined in my darkest dreams that I’d get such a huge boner by watching my mother get fucked like a whore. But I had one, all right - one so erect and thick that I thought it would tear right through my zipper at any second.

Mom’s ass looked like a peach as the brute from next door plowed into her. Each shunt of his cock made her curves wobble, and she screamed every time he stabbed the very back of her cunt. The bed was rocking and banging against the bedroom wall, adding to the loud chorus of grunts and moans from both of them. It was a sick and beautiful spectacle to behold, and I decided to film it on my phone.

The footage would be gold. Finally, I had definitive evidence of my mother’s cheating ways; evidence I could use for my own warped and twisted needs.

Knowing that mom was a kept woman, enjoying the finer things in life that my dad provided for her, I knew she’d never want him to leave her. She’d do anything to hide her secret life from him.

It was almost too perfect. I could fleece the horny old bastard, who was drilling my mom, for all his money, and blackmail my slut of a mother too!

Just as the dirty fucker on top of mommy cried out in orgasm - his hairy butt cheeks clenching as he emptied his balls into her cunt - I cut the recording and made a dash for my room. The sound of my footsteps on the landing were hidden by the guy’s guttural roars of release.

Dad wasn’t due home from the office until midnight. From the second I was supposed to get back until then, I had plenty of time to put my depraved plan into action. I knew the neighbor would soon rush back to his house so that he could to greet his wife on her return.

With mom’s wave of bright red hair, huge double-D tits, and sleek long legs, everything that a horny and sexually deviant son could wish for was about to come true!

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